Shutterfly Photo Book Review: Making Your Trip A Lasting Memory

Vacation Memory Book with Shutterfly

Not often does a product outperform my expectations. I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist, with a tendency towards thinking about how something could be just a little bit better. My recent experience with Shutterfly had elements of both; I was ultimately thrilled with the end product, but the road to get there wasn’t exactly smooth.

I decided to make a Shutterfly photo book for my parents this past holiday season. I pride myself on excellent gift-giving, and wanted to give something meaningful and unique that would serve as a reminder of the trip we recently took together.

I’ll start by saying that the end product surpassed my expectations. The book is gorgeous! It resembles a coffee table book that someone would purchase. It’s unique and customized, and the color quality and materials are excellent (examples below). The book ended up being a sentimental and luxe-looking gift that has resulted in many compliments and questions on whether it was professionally done. Perhaps the best compliment of all? My family telling me that they regularly look at the book, remembering the trip and the many memories. This gift really hit the mark!

That said, making the book took a lot of work! I probably spent 30+ hours pulling this 59 page book together, between photo editing and adding backgrounds, text and special touches to make it unique. I ended up using the “Custom Path” which gave full control over the book content, but only after trying the “Make My Book” and “Simple Path” options which were both sadly lacking. I also dropped a pretty penny on the book considering it is home-made but wow was it worth it!

I recommend giving Shutterfly photo books a try. Take some of those vacation or holiday photos and put them to use! It’s (relatively) easy to do, it just takes time. Simply visit Shutterfly’s website and follow the Photo Book prompts. Tip: Layflat pages and a matte cover finish are upgrades, but absolutely worth it as they take the book to the next level. And finally, a word to the wise… Shutterfly regularly has sales which can dramatically reduce the cost of your book, so be on the lookout for those.

As always, let me know what you think of this post.

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