Simple Tips to Manage the Weekly Chaos

Manage stress of the work life balance

Everyone dreads Mondays. The beginning of the week and the craziness that ensues is bound to cause anyone stress! We’re all doing our best to juggle the many priorities in our lives, and the busier we get, the harder it is to keep it all straight.

I’ve spent the last several years trying to find ways to manage the chaos. Like many families, my husband and I both work full-time, which entails 40+ hour work weeks, business travel and after-hours commitments. We also have a son who has school, homework and after-school activities. Managing all of this – bus schedules, walking the dog, birthday parties, keeping a well-stocked kitchen, doing laundry and spending quality time as a family – is a real challenge!

After years of trying different things, we’ve found three things that have made a big difference, adding some calm to an otherwise hectic life.

  1. Use the Cozi app to keep your family in sync and organized

Cozi is an award-winning family organization app that keeps everyone’s activities and appointments in one place (color-coded by family member), organizes and updates shopping and to-do lists, and can be updated by family members from any mobile device or computer. Yep, it’s just as impressive as it sounds.

Cozi’s free version is ad-supported, but you can upgrade to premium version (Cozi Gold) to remove ads and get address book syncing, birthday tracking and the ability to customize app’s look.

  1. Make mealtime a breeze with grocery delivery and a subscription meal service

I was reluctant about subscription meal services, and frankly, I tried a couple with lackluster results. Then I found Plated and never looked back.

Using Plated is super easy. You sign up, letting them know how often you want to cook and what you like to eat, pick your recipes, get your weekly box with everything you need, and follow the simple steps to cook amazing meals. Plated uses high-quality ingredients and is flexible in the event you need to skip a week or want to swap recipes.

In addition to finding a subscription service, find an online grocery ordering and delivery service. Many local grocery stores now offer this service, and other larger retailers such as Amazon, Target and Walmart are beginning to play in this space as well.

Combined, these two tips save a ton of time, make meal planning and prep easy, and help ensure our family eats healthier, more balanced meals.

  1. Make chores a team effort

The housework never ends. There will always be laundry, dishes or something else calling your name. Setting the expectation with your family that chores are a family responsibility, not simply something left to mom or dad, is critical in effectively managing your time.

The trick is ensuring everyone knows what they’re responsible for each day. We manage chores through a checklist and using the Cozi app, but there are many options out there. One I would recommend checking out if you have children is ChoreMonster.

ChoreMonster allows you to create scheduled chores with point values. When your child says they’re done, you approve and they get the points. You can add rewards that your kids “purchase” using their points. It’s fun for kids as well, as they can log into the app to see their chores, review their points and possible rewards, and see the benefits of their hard work. Everyone wins.

There are so many little changes and tweaks that you can make that will help with family organization, but I’ve found those above to be the most impactful. You’ll be amazed at the time you’ll save, allowing you to re-focus that time and energy on other more enjoyable activities.

Give them a try, and let me know what you think. Do you have other tips to share? If so, include them in the comments section below.

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À bientôt!

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